Girl Who Ate Pork in Swedish School Got Bullied and Called “Impure”

The Islamization of Europe is picking up speed, and in Malmö, Swedens third largest city in the very south of the country, it’s more apparent than ever.

The city is already infamous for its gang violence, immigrant riots and financial crisis. The native Swedes who still live in the city and can afford it are moving to gated communities, while those unfortunate left behind are facing a future where they’ll become a minority.

For pupils this is already a reality, as non-Swedes make up the majority in the schools of Malmö.

A young girl had to experience with this means in reality when she in Malmöskolan chose to eat pork meat and got harassed by the other pupils and called “impure”.

Another sign of the growing Islamization in Sweden is the increasing numbers of transportation services for disabled (paid for by Swedish tax money of course) that drives away from blind customers with guide dogs, as dogs are also seen as “impure” in the Islamic faith.

Islamization is a reality – can we stop it?

Islam is an expansive religion with its eye on world domination, and as such it must be treated as a hostile force in Europe. Islamization is not a conspiracy theory, it’s already a fact in many European cities such as Malmö, Luton or Marseille.

So the question isn’t if Europe will be islamized, the question pro-European forces must ask themselves is what we can do with the cities where it’s already a fact and how we can prevent it from happening in more places. Islamization is in no way irreversible, don’t forget about the Reconquista.

But to make sure it the de-Islamization of Europe doesn’t take almost 800 years this time, we have to be proactive already today. Protesting against any advancement of Islam in Europe, like mosque buildings or tax money to Islamic organizations, is not just an act of symbolism – it’s vital.

Without forgetting about all the other problems our civilization is facing in this modern age, and without buying the pro-Zionist neocon counterjihad narrative, we have to be a strong voice against Islam in Europe.

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