Nationalists Goes to the Mediterranean to Stop “Refugee” Trafficking

On my Swedish daily radio show, Motgift, we’ve often discussed the fact that even though nationalists arrange great demonstrations, professional conferences, releases interesting books and develop true alternative media channels, we haven’t really stopped one single non-European from coming to our continent. Of course you could argue that it’s unfair, as nationalists don’t hold political power, but it can also work as a wake-up call when we get to deep into navel-gazing.

Therefore, I was very intrigued when I yesterday heard about the new campaign “Defend Europe” from the Identitarian movement. After a first symbolic action, where also the Canadian journalist Lauren Southern was arrested, they’ve now started a crowdfunding campaign to invest in a ship to try to stop the illegal trafficking in the Mediterranean.

It’s been known for a long time that shady NGO:s and treacherous government have sent boats to the coast of Lybia, where they together with other human traffickers have arranged to bring thousands of illegal immigrants in Europe. All doing this for their own, selfish and anti-European reasons; whether it’s left-wing governments who want more voters, big finance who want cheap labor or just the usual evil multicultural agenda manifested by the vice president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans.

I will support this campaign in every way I can, and without naively thinking that this by itself can stop the invasion of Europe, we sure can see it as a first step to an activist approach which could spark a fire that Europe’s enemies can’t handle.

It will also be a true joy to follow legacy media’s reaction to this; we will probably see big black headlines about “racist thugs” and “poor refugee children”, but who really cares about the legacy media anymore?

Please, spread the word about the campaign and support it in any way you can. Europeans have come together to defend our continent before, it’s time we do it again.